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Aluminum Welding and Fabrication

Aluminum is considered the most difficult alloy to weld by most metal fabricators. Due to its unique properties and characteristics, such as softness, even experienced steel (stainless or carbon) welders consider welding aluminum alloys a challenge. Higher thermal conductivity and the low melting point of aluminum alloys can easily lead to burn through unless welders follow precise procedures. At Advanced Metal Products, with over 25 years of expertise in the business, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the highest quality aluminum welding services.

Without a doubt, the use of aluminum is increasing within the welding fabrication industry. Manufacturers are frequently adopting aluminum for new fabrication projects. As a result of its increasing usage as a manufacturing material, the conversion from steel to aluminum within the welding fabrication industry has become more common.  Aluminum has unique characteristics, it is light weight, extremely corrosion resistance, high in strength, tough, performs well in extreme temperatures, has the versatility of extruding and is eco-friendly, has recycling capabilities. Due to these numerous properties, Aluminum has become a favorite choice of material for engineers and designers for a wide variety of welding fabrication applications.

It is important to understand the differences and concerns when welding aluminum compared to other materials. Advanced Metal Products strives to meet or exceed all of our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our services include design engineering, product development, cost saving initiatives and one-on-one involvement with our experienced sales and engineering staff.

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