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Laser Metal Cutting

Laser metal cutting is an advanced technology in which metal is cut into different shapes and pre-forms by using a high-powered laser. Advanced Metal Products Inc’s laser metal cutting methods are superior to many of the other conventional methods with regards to precision and accuracy in the laser cutting process and perfect for specialized metal cutting.

In the laser metal cutting process, the laser beam is guided around the surface of the metal to get the desired shape. Laser cutting can be performed on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is most effective while cutting metals with low reflectivity and conductivity such as carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium. Metals such as aluminum and copper alloys with higher reflectivity and conductivity require a higher power laser. Metals cut using laser cutting machines require negligible finishing work as the high-powered laser burns, melts or vaporizes away the excess material left in the cutting process and produces a consistently smooth edge. Since the laser is never in direct contact with the metal, there is no wear and tear on the cutting tip and the chances of metal contamination are minimal. The process is not only faster than the less-advanced metal cutting methods but it also offers unparalleled quality. The chances of disfiguring or damaging the surface area are greatly reduced by our proven methodologies.

The importance of metal in our everyday lives cannot be denied. With day-to-day technological advancements and increasing finish, performance and configuration requirements, laser metal cutting has gained a more prominent role in the metal fabrication industry.

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