Advanced Metal Products Inc.
3920 Performance Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28214
T: 704-392-1011
F: 704-392-1013

Our Staff

Staff Biographies:
Frank Washam,  CEO and Owner
Frank has been in the metal business since 1970.  Starting in the metal distribution business, which he did for 10 years, Frank has been in metal frabrication for 30 years.  He has extensive experience in almost every phase of metal fabrication and custom design.

Chris Jones, President and Owner
Chris has been in the metal fabrication business  since 1984.  Chris' experience is vast, he started on the shop floor and through hard work and determination rose to become President and owner of Advanced Metal Products, Inc.

Todd Crawford,  Sales and Engineering
Todd has been in the fabrication business since 1985 and with Advanced Metal Products since 1995. Todd is responsible for our pipe fabrication.

Neil Pate,  Sales and Engineering
Neil has been in the fabrication business since 1997 and moved rapidly up in the company. He is now one of our sales and engineering staff and handles many of our larger clients.

Mike Bailey, Sales and Engineering
Mike has been in the metal fabrication since 1989 and with AMP since 2002.  Mike started in the shop and moved into sales and engineering in 2005.  Mike is the Architectural Expert for AMP and also handles most of our construction related projects.

Alan Moore, Sale and Engineering

Alan has been in the machining and fabrication business since 1989 and with AMP since 1995. He is now part of our sales an engineering staff. 

Tim Gaston, Manufacturing Manager

Tim has been in the metal fabrication business since 1978 and with AMP since 2003. He is responsible for meeting our production schedule and satisfying our customer's requirements.

Donna Washam, Office Manager
Donna has been with AMP since 1999 and is the Office Mgr. She handles all accounting and keeps all of us in-line.