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Stainless Steel Fabricator

Advanced Metal Products, located in Charlotte, NC, is a leading stainless steel fabricator for custom parts, assemblies and solutions. If you need assistance in converting your ideas into reality, our highly experienced stainless steel fabricators are ready to serve your needs.

Stainless steel fabricators at the Charlotte facility will tell you that the common grades can be folded, bent, cold and hot forged, deep drawn, spun and roll formed. Due to the materials' high strength and work hardening rate, all of these operations require more force than used for more common carbon steels. That’s why our 25-years of experience matters.

Stainless steel typically experiences greater distortion than carbon steels during the welding and fabrication processes and, therefore, can be challenging to hold tight tolerances, especially around and along welded areas. Our stainless steel fabricators in Charlotte are equipped with the expertise to solve these complex problems. They can also help you find innovative ways of manufacturing components/machinery. This often results in a reduction in the number of parts, assembly requirements and labor, which reduces your total cost. They can also assist you with material selection, design, or suggest alternative fabrication methods. At AMP, our products are finished with great care and precision. Whether the finish requirement is highly aesthetic or maximum corrosion resistance, we work with our clients to develop precise requirements and ensure that the finished products meet or exceed your expectations.

For more information, you can email us at or reach us by phone at 704-392-1011.